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Academic Skills Essentials: ePortfolios

What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is an online resource you will be developing during your studies to showcase information about you and your learning journey including your discipline knowledge and acquired skills.

This online tool can include samples of your academic work and your professional practice, and provides an opportunity to make connections between your learning, professional and life-wide experiences.

An ePortfolio will assist you in developing an online presence providing evidence of your achievements, which will be very useful when looking for employment.

Several platforms are available for students to develop their professional ePortfolios. At ECU, students use PebblePad. Follow the Learning Portfolio link in the Student Portal under ‘Easy logins’ to access this resource.

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  • As part of an assessment task, you may be asked to complete activities within PebblePad.
  • These could involve reflections on your learning and/or practical experiences as well as other activities involving collaboration with your peers, uploading of multimedia, etc.

ePortfolios allow you to:

  • share your work with lecturers and tutors, and future employers,
  • demonstrate skills and learning achieved throughout your learning journey,
  • create a collaborative space to work with others,
  • utilise your creativity and develop your technology skills,
  • collate and present examples of your professional learning, and
  • develop resources which will benefit you professionally after university.

Information regarding what your ePortfolio should include will be provided by your lecturer in the unit plan. Please read these instructions carefully and if you have any questions, ask your tutor.

Yes, you can use your ePortfolio as you transition from university to the workplace. In fact, you will have access to PebblePad after you graduate. This provides a platform for you to showcase your professional learning development to potential employers.

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ePortfolio checklist

Before starting an ePortofio, please complete the following checklist to check your level of skills in the following areas:

Yes / Not sure / No
I have access to a computer at home  
I have access to the internet at home  
I am confident using a computer  
I know how to use the learning management system at ECU (Blackboard)  
I know how to upload files into the learning management system  
I know how to make and edit audio files  
I know how to make and edit videos  
I am happy to seek help if I need it  
I am happy to have a go at creating my ePortfolio  
I understand the importance of reflection in the learning process  

If your answers are mostly in the ‘Yes’ column, you seem to be ready to start working on your ePortflolio. If you need assistance with your digital learning skills, make sure you come to visit the Peer Assistant team in the Library for help.