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HARC: Helpful Academic Researchers Companion

HARC has been designed to answer the questions researchers ask at every step of the research life cycle

What are the benefits of depositing open access versions of your papers into a repository?

  • Access to your research is improved: Most publishers permit an open access version of published papers to be added to an institutional repository. Adding materials to a repository ensures that research is freely available as research is often locked away within expensive journals that require a subscription to access. Contact Research Online if you would like to make the open access version of your publication available.
  • Enhanced research impact:  Wider access often leads to higher citation. Research Online is indexed by search tools such as Google and Google Scholar and the Digital Commons Network. This can dramatically increase the rates at which your research is found and then subsequently cited. Authors can view the download statistics (number and location) of their open access papers.
  • Safe Archiving: Repositories are a safe archival record of your research output. Strict backup and archival protocols are followed to ensure a lasting record of research output at ECU.
  • Facilitate Research Sharing: Requests for copies of your papers can be referred to the repository saving you time and effort.

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