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Expanded Resource Access during COVID19: Home

Expanded Resources for online teaching, learning, and research.

About this guide

This guide gives details of expanded access to resources during COVID19 to assist with online teaching, learning, and research.

This guide is being constantly updated. 

The content is constantly changing as many of our resource suppliers continually expand access to, and provide trials and short term contracts for, resources during the current COVID19 situation. The guide has been published to keep academics and students up to date with currently expanded resources and to help support online study.

For more information please contact


The American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Science family of journals are applying resources to keep the scientific community and the public well informed on the coronavirus pandemic. For free access to their latest coronavirus/COVID-19 research, commentary, and news, click here 

The journal Science can be accessed through ECU's usual subscription link: 

AACE, SITE, LearnTechLib

Teaching, Technology, and Teacher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stories from the Field

This open access, 854-page eBook is published by AACE and SITE and published by LearnTechLib to support teachers and teacher educators around the world who are working through the COVID-19 crisis. Collected in one volume are 133 papers documenting and highlighting the best practices, strategies, and efforts by teacher educators, researchers and practitioners across the globe as they respond rapidly to offer remote learning and teaching.




ACS Publications

ACS is granting free access to the virtual issue of all articles related to Covid-19 from ACS Publications

American Mathematical Society

AMS Resources & Updates related to COVID-19

APA (American Psychological Association)

American Psychological Association - COVID-19 publications

This free collection includes relevant psychological research published across the APA Journals portfolio. This collection will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, read about other ways APA is helping to support distance learning during the COVID-19 crisis and tune in to APA COVID-19 updates for profesionals and the public.

American Society For Microbiology

American Society for Microbiology (ASM) COVID-19 articles

ASM is providing free access to nearly 50 research articles published over the last year in ASM’s 16 scholarly journals to support research efforts and communications about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). ASM has also committed to making all of its COVID19 and coronavirus related publications, and the available data supporting them, immediately accessible in PubMed Central (PMC) and other public repositories.

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews has set up a resource center for articles that are freely available.  In order to help the many students, faculty and researchers that are working and studying remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Access to Artstor  is now active. Complimentary access through to December 31, 2020.

The Artstor Digital Library offers 3 million images from leading museums, photo archives, scholars, and artists, including many rare and important collections available nowhere else. These collections are rights-cleared for use in education, encompass a wide variety of disciplines, and are presented alongside a set of specialized tools for teaching and learning.

There are a set of LibGuides, webinars, videos and other resources that can help you promote and use Artstor, and to help your faculty and students find and incorporate images into teaching and learning.


Association for Science Education

The Association for Science Education teaching resources

ASE has developed a collection of resources and links designed to assist members, the science education community at large and the general public over the coming weeks and months.  On this page, you will find both a collection of materials created specifically to be of assistance during the current health crisis, and a directory of links (with both Primary and 11 - 19 versions) to assets and resources created by others that support their goal of promoting excellence in science education.

Anyone can sign up for three months' access to all 2019/2020 journals (both those already published and those coming out over the coming weeks and months).  The journals covered are:

•  School Science Review
•  Primary Science
•  The Journal of Emergent Science
•  ASE International
•  Science Teacher Education

Biochemical Society & Portland Press

Biochemical Society & Portland Press Joint Research Data on COVID-19

The Biochemical Society/Portland Press has, along with several organisations/publishers, signed a joint statement on sharing research data relating to the coronavirus outbreak freely available.

Papers published prior to signing the joint statement have been made freely available (paywall has been dropped) and, going forward, all papers accepted for publication will be made open access


BioOne is proud to share the wealth of relevant content from our publishing partners to provide support for those working on crisis solutions.  Visit our  COVID-19 resource page.
In collaboration with the Association of Research Libraries and the Greater Western Library Alliance, BioOne and our publishers have made articles related to coronavirus in the following journals available via open access through 2020:

You will find additional relevant articles related to the coronavirus and pandemics on BioOne Complete.


BMJ Coronavirus Research

BMJ has put together all the coverage of the coronavirus outbreak from across the BMJ's journals and learning resources. All articles and resources are freely available.


Brill Publishing COVID-19 Collection

Brill have opened up books and articles on topics such as public health, distance learning, crisis research. If any new related content is published with Brill, it will be added to this collection.



CABI is offering free access to the Coronavirus collection for three months.

To access all content on their page and in their collection go to and click on the login box at the top right.  Click on the 'redeem a voucher' option and use CV6G2366G67

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press has provide free access to five of their higher education titles available until August 31 2021.

Contemporary International Business in the Asia-Pacific Region

The increasing dominance of the Asia–Pacific region as a source of international business growth has created a dynamic and complex business environment. Providing content and research that is accessible to local and international students, this text introduces core business concepts and comprehensively covers a range of key areas, including trade and economic development, dimensions of culture, business planning and strategy development, research and marketing, and employee development in cross-cultural contexts

Acute Care Nursing

Acute Care Nursing provides an accessible and practical overview of the role of the nurse in acute medical and surgical settings in the Australian and New Zealand context. Linking closely with the Australian 'Registered nurse standards for practice' and the New Zealand Competencies for Registered Nurses, this text equips students with foundational knowledge of the pathophysiology, treatment and legal and ethical issues associated with common acute conditions.

The Foundations of Australian Public Law

This book brings together the two traditionally discrete areas of constitutional and administrative law to present Australian public law as a single, integrated body. Exploring the themes of state, power and accountability in Australia, the text also makes reference to the law of international jurisdictions, where students are informed by contemporary public law theory. Particular attention is also given to the rise of global public law and the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the subject in Australia.

Clinical Nursing Skills

Clinical Nursing Skills provides students with a strong, industry-focused foundation in nursing across various clinical settings. It includes the essential theory as well as relevant practical examples, which illustrate the skills required to prepare students for the workplace and help them achieve clinical competence. Each chapter is written by leading academics and based on the registered nurse standards for practice.

Care of the Person with Dementia

Care of the Person with Dementia responds to the urgent need for health practitioners to take an innovative approach to the challenge of dementia. The first Australian text of its kind, it combines evidence-based resources with interprofessional education and practice, exploring the ethical, social and environmental repercussions of dementia to provide a comprehensive overview of dementia care in an Australian context.

CEIC Data: Novel Corona virus Outbreak Map

Explore CEIC Data’s interactive global map covering the number of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered patients and concentration of the CoVID-19 virus. Free and updated daily.


To support medical researchers and healthcare professionals in their efforts to better understand and combat the disease associated with the novel COVID-19 coronavirus, Clarivate has assembled an array of resources:


2 COVID-19 Special Collections published: critical care & infection control and prevention.

Covidence - Systemative Review Tool for COVID19 researchers

Covidence – Systematic Review Tool

Effective immediately, Covidence is offering free access to researchers who are pursuing work on COVID-19.

Please contact for more information on gaining access to the Covidence platform.

Credo reference

To provide info on the Corona Virus, we are linking to our publishing partner, The Conversation, which has been posting timely, science-based articles on their website.  These articles are fully open-access. You can see more in this blog post:


CSIRO - COVID-19 news and developments 

CSIRO has a page of information on COVID 19 vaccines

CSIRO is involved in key research in the rapid global response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. We aim to pass on as much accurate information as we can, as quickly as possible regarding this research. To do this we have sourced updates and quotes from our experts about their work and the latest developments in the outbreak.


De Gruyter Publishers

De Gruyter COVID-19 eJournal Articles

Free access to selected ejournal articles on CoVID-19, published online ahead of print.

Digital Science

Digital Science COVID-19 Research

At Digital Science, we of course want to support the global research effort to manage and minimise the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic as best we can. For researchers, clinicians and anyone else working towards these goals, early knowledge and access to research being carried out and published globally is crucially important to inform their work.

In order to facilitate this, we are making available all COVID-19 related published articles, preprints, datasets and clinical trials from Dimensions in one file, updated daily, and free for anyone to access. We hope that this will help the research community to stay up to date in this fast-moving situation, and greatly reduce the time that would otherwise be required to collate this information from many disparate sources


Dimensions has made all Covid-19 articles, preprints, datasets and clinical trials publicly available for free in a single dataset, updated daily.


DynaMed have made helpful information about COVID-19 and Coronavirus from our DynaMed® medical product available to use and share.  


Emerald have brought together a number of research resources related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and epidemics more broadly and are making these resources freely available to access until the end of 2020:

These materials not only relate to the current clinical challenges of Coronavirus, they also provide relevant context to how the world reacted to other previous outbreaks (notably SARS) and epidemics. The scope of research topics range from areas such as legal and ethical lessons from SARS in 2003, to public health approaches to global issues, and impacts of SARS on tourism.

More available content:


To allow researchers to publish any COVID-19 related research, Figshare are launching a free portal at

All researchers will need to do is create an account on Figshare and upload content with COVID-19 as one of the keywords on their metadata form and they will pull it into the COVID-19 Open Research Portal.

Geoscience World

IBIS World

IBISWorld’s Webinar recording covering the industries that are benefiting from the shift to WFH and the long-term economic shifts due to COVID-19 has been released and can be accessed here, along with the accompanying slides.


COVID-19 Insights from IBISWorld’s Chief Economist

Each week since 20 April, IBISWorld's Chief Economist Richard Buczynski, Ph.D. has provided a concise podcast-style recording discussing timely developments surrounding COVID-19 and its impacts on industries and economies around the world. 


Free industry special reports - IBISWorld's analysts have been putting together several insights and presentations amid COVID-19.  Each of their industry reports is currently being updated to include COVID-19 impact statements - to view a list of updated reports please visit here.


Stay Connected to IEEE Xplore When Working Remotely 

You can still access IEEE Xplore even while working remotely. If you are having any difficulty accessing your institutional subscription remotely, try these remote access tips or contact the library for help. 

Use the link below to access IEEE Xplore:

Free Access to COVID-19 Related Research in IEEE Xplore

Articles and standards from the IEEE Xplore digital library that may help researchers understand and manage different aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic are now free to access. 

IEEE Spectrum Special Report: Technology and Coronavirus

From IEEE Spectrum: The latest coverage on technology to fight the pandemic, and the pandemic's impact on tech: 

Fast Tracking of COVID-19 Research

The IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology has initiated a fast-track review and publication mechanism for COVID-19 related research, data, and analysis. 


IEEEtv is an internet-based television network delivering special interest programming about technology and engineering. Here you can find conference presentations, technology special reports, interviews with technology leaders, podcasts and more.


Free Webinars on Research and Technical Communication

IEEE is hosting weekly webinars on Tuesdays at 11am or Wednesdays at 1pm, starting 28 April. Among other topics, these webinars cover efficient searching of IEEE Xplore, technical writing, and publishing with IEEE. Find registration links and more information in the PDF document below:

Informit - EduTV

To help mitigate any adverse educational or media usage impacts as a result of the Coronavirus, Informit and Screenrights have introduced the following temporary measures for existing subscribers to Informit Media products:

  • Access to EduTV and TVNews  is permitted outside of Australia for remote campuses and students via the current sites for education purposes.
  • Access to EduTV and TVNews is permitted outside of Australia for remote campuses and students via their LMS for education purposes.
  • Faculty users have approval to download any Informit Media product (EduTV & TVNews) asset that is viewed locally. This file can then be sent to overseas students via their LMS (not email).
  • Informit will offer this solution as a temporary measure for the first semester of 2020 or until the crisis is over.



HeinOnline are pleased to offer this special COVID-19 issue of Medicine and Law free to all non-journal subscribers. The Hein Company and the World Association for Medical Law recognize that this unprecedented crisis has greatly affected everyone, and we are compelled to provide credible information and resources to our loyal subscribers.

Medicine and Law is an international publication dealing with medico-legal issues. The journal is comprised of original articles, court decisions, and legislation on topics including medical law, forensic medicine, sexology and law, psychiatry and law, psychology and law, dentistry and law, nursing law, pharmaceutical law, medical ethics, clinical criminology, drugs, alcohol, child abuse, medical experimentation, genetic engineering, and many more.


JAMA Network

JAMA Network COVID-19 Collection

Browse the JAMA Network COVID-19 collection below, including Q&A's with NIAID's Anthony Fauci, an interactive map of the outbreak courtesy of The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering, and past publications on vaccine development, infection control, and public health preparedness. JAMA offers a range of videos, features and related clinical information articles.

JBI Joanna Briggs COVID1 Special Collection

This link will take you to the JBI Resource Centre this has expert searches, links to key content and other resources to support you in utilising the JBI best evidence in an aged care setting:

​Further Resources:


JSTOR Expanded Access


  • Explore our growing collection of Open Access journals
  • Early Journal Content, articles on JSTOR published prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 elsewhere, is also freely available on JSTOR

Images and media

  • Artstor’s ever-growing public collections offer more than 1.3 million freely accessible images, videos, documents, and audio files from museums, archives, libraries, and faculty collections.

Community collections

  • We have a growing set of Open Community Collections, library-contributed Open Access collections on JSTOR.
  • Independent Voices is a collection of alternative press newspapers, magazines, and journals. This collection is currently available through Reveal Digital and will soon be integrated with other open resources on JSTOR.


  • JSTOR Daily is an online publication that contextualizes current events with scholarship. All of our stories contain links to publicly accessible research on JSTOR. We’re proud to publish articles based in fact and grounded by careful research and to provide free access to that research for all of our readers.

List of titles in each Collection (opens in Excel)

Resources can be found through the search function at

Expanded access for Covid-19 resources continues until June 30 2021


Kanopy Spotlight

We have increased the titles available in our Kanopy Spotlight, which do not incur any fees for academic libraries. These films are updated weekly and once available in the Spotlight collection, remain free for 30 days. We continue to add new films and partners, and will update this list on a weekly basis.

As of April 10, 2020 participating studio partners include:

  • Collective Eye Films
  • FilmRise
  • First Run Features
  • Gunpowder & Sky
  • Media Education Foundation
  • National Film Board of Canada
  • New Day Films
  • NYX Channel
  • Passion River Productions
  • Samuel Goldwyn
  • The Great Courses
  • Vision Maker Media
  • Zipporah Films


Karger COVID Topic Article Package

Karger have created a Topic Article Package for COVID.

All articles are freely available. Any new articles will be added to the package.

The Lancet

Lancet Coronavirus Resource Centre

The Lancet has created a Coronavirus Resource Centre. This resource brings together new 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) content from across The Lancet journals as it is published. All content listed on this page is free to access.


Library of Congress - Law Library (In Custodia Legis)

Coronavirus Resource Guide - a regularly updated blog on legislative developments, focused on US law, but also lists information from around the world, grouped by region.

Mary Ann Liebert

Mary Ann Liebert Articles

Mary Ann Liebert have selected a number of relevant articles from their Health Security, Telemedicine and e-Health and Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News titles...

All of these papers are, and will remain, free-to-access for the duration of this crisis. Further, they have been asked by the CDC to fast-track two papers, which are currently in process, and will be made Open Access immediately upon publication.

Coronavirus Outbreak Preparedness and Response, Infection Control, and Public Health Policy

We have selected 10 relevant articles from Health Security  on coronaviruses, outbreak preparedness and response, infection control, and public health policy; these articles will be freely available to facilitate the conversation around health security. We hope these pieces will serve as resources for the community as it works to ensure that the 2019-nCoV outbreak is fully understood and contained.

Coronavirus Highlights Urgent Need for Telehealth Alternative

Telemedicine and e-Health publishes vital academic research that addresses, answers, and highlights how we can prevent a global outbreak such as the COVID-19 coronavirus using telemedicine techniques. A number of relevant papers are freely available.

How to Conquer Coronavirus: Top 35 Treatments in Development

A new survey by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) reveals 35 active drug development programs in North America, Europe, and China. This list is certain to multiply in coming weeks as global health agencies, governments, and drug developers step up efforts against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


NEJM New England Journal of Medicine

NEJM is providing a collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary. Editorials, perspectives and  original articles can be accessed free of charge. NEJM also provides links to useful sites and Journal Watch summaries.

NLM - LitCovid

LitCovid - Coronavirus literature hub

LitCovid is a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus. It is the most comprehensive resource on the subject, providing a central access to 1200 (and growing) relevant articles in PubMed. The articles are updated daily and are further categorized by different research topics and geographic locations for improved access.


The OECD has just established a portal, gathering all relevant evidence, analysis and advice on policy responses published by the Organisation.  All resources that are shown, including publications normally behind access control on OECD iLibrary, have been made fully accessible for the duration of the crisis.  Please share the link with your students and contacts.

Oxford University Press - COVID-19 Resources

Oxford University Press - COVID-19 Resources

Oxford University Press has made content on COVID-19, other coronaviruses, and related topics, from their online book resources and leading journals, freely accessible to assist researchers, medical professionals, policy makers, and others who are working to address this health crisis.


Oxford University Press - Law Resources

OUP are also offering gratis access to their Online Law Resources and Academic Law Books, until 31 December 2020:

Public International Law

  • Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law
  • Oxford Historical Treaties
  • Oxford International Organizations
  • Oxford Reports on International Law:
    • Oxford Reports on International Trade Law (ITL)
    • Oxford Reports on International Law in EU Courts (ILEC)
    • Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC)
    • Oxford Reports on International Criminal Law (ICL)
    • Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law (IHRL)
    • Oxford Reports on International Investment Claims (IIC)
    • Oxford Reports on International Courts of General Jurisdiction (ICGJ)
  • Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law

Oxford Constitutional Law

  • Oxford Constitutions of the World
  • US Constitutional Law
  • Max Planck Comparative Constitutional Law

Oxford Competition Law

Oxford Investment Claims

Oxford Legal Research Library

  • International Commercial Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Financial and Banking Law
  • Private International Law

Oxford Univerity Press - Medical online

As COVID-19 impacts numerous fields,Oxford University Press have  temporarily freed a plethora of Oxford Medicine Online chapters to benefit frontline clinicians, public health experts, and trainees.


PLOS COVID-19 Research and Resources

The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak is both saddening and concerning. The scientific community has come together rapidly to address this outbreak in an open and collaborative manner. As a publisher, we look to support the global response to this outbreak by sharing and amplifying research data and findings relevant to the outbreak. We are re-committing to a joint statement to rapid and open sharing of research data findings, coordinated by Wellcome, available here


Here is what we are doing:

  • We are fast-tracking submissions related to the virus or this outbreak across all our seven journals. Fee waiver assistance is available as needed.
  • We strongly encourage all authors submitting coronavirus papers to PLOS journals to also post a preprint, or if appropriate allow us to post to bioRxiv on their behalf at submission. We also strongly encourage all authors with coronavirus papers already under review at PLOS to post their work as a preprint as soon as possible, if they have not already done so
  • We strongly encourage all members of the scientific community with expertise in coronavirus or disease outbreaks to volunteer their time to review preprints and papers under review, and to also curate, reuse, repurpose, annotate, and otherwise guide people to resources for tackling this incident. For example, Outbreak Science Rapid Preview ( is a web application for open, rapid reviews of outbreak-related preprints. The most recent preprints relating to the novel coronavirus outbreak – posted across bioRxiv and medRxiv – can be found using this search link.
  • We commit to assisting authors in providing their data and findings to the WHO on submission to the journals
  • We will be updating our Disease Forecasting and Surveillance Channel with research related to coronavirus (

Project Muse

Project Muse Free Resource Access


Among the publishers currently opting to make content free on Project MUSE are Johns Hopkins University Press (all books and journals), Ohio State University Press (all books and journals), University of Nebraska Press (all books and journals), University of North Carolina Press (all books), Temple University Press (all books), and Vanderbilt University Press (selected books). We expect to announce additional participants and will continually update the list of publishers offering free access to content at .

Content that is freely available on the Project MUSE platform during the COVID-19 crisis will display a distinctive “Free” icon, different from the “OA” icon used for fully open access content on MUSE, or the familiar green checkmark that users associate with content held by their library. MUSE search results (, by default, include any content to which a user has access, so will offer the researcher any relevant free, OA, or entitled articles and books.  There are over 2000 open access books and a small number of fully OA journals on the MUSE platform. More information in MUSE OA content is available at


Title List
Project MUSE Free Books (xlsx format) Opens in Excel
Project MUSE Free Journals (xlsx format) Opens in Excel

Remote Courts Worldwide

This website gathers information on how courts around the world are changing their operations to adapt to the pandemic conditions, and provides a forum for courts to share their experiences of 'remote' alternatives to traditional court hearings. The latest information is on the home page, and it can be browsed by country.

The Royal Society

The Royal Society Coronavirus Collection

This special collection comprises some papers likely to be relevant to the outbreak.


Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry COVID-19 Content

The Royal Society of Chemistry has made freely available content relating to COVID-19;



RSNA COVID-19 Research

Due to the current shortage of nucleic acid testing kits used to confirm the presence of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), CT scans have become the first line of defense in diagnosing a suspected infection. RSNA is currently processing peer-reviewed articles and cases of COVID-19 to provide the global radiology community with a free diagnostic resource to help prevent the spread of this outbreak and get more patients the care they need. 

They have made the following content available for access:




Medical research articles freely available from SCITRUS. 


Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Allen Institute for AI has partnered with leading research groups to prepare and distribute the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), a free resource of over 29,000 scholarly articles, including over 13,000 with full text, about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses for use by the global research community.

This dataset is intended to mobilize researchers to apply recent advances in natural language processing to generate new insights in support of the fight against this infectious disease. The corpus will be updated weekly as new research is published in peer-reviewed publications and archival services like bioRxiv, medRxiv, and others.



SSRN’s Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Research page provides a curated view into the early-stage research to help researchers, public health authorities, clinicians and the public understand, contain and manage this disease.

Content is presented in the following categories:

Taylor & Francis

Peer-reviewed research published in Taylor & Francis journals is now free to access and available for anyone to read. In addition, TandF will support researchers, journals & funders to ensure that all research findings & data relevant to this outbreak are shared rapidly & openly. TandF has provided a list of some of the most recent, relevant studies.

This microsite provides links and references to all relevant COVID-19 research articles, book chapters and information that can be freely accessed on Taylor & Francis Online and Taylor & Francis ebooks in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research into COVID-19.

Teaching chemistry online - ACS

Resources for Teaching Your Chemistry Class Online: A Free-to-Read Collection from the American Chemical Society & the ACS Division of Chemical Education

TRC Healthcare (Pharmacists Letter)

UN iLibrary

During the global pandemic, be sure to get your facts from reliable sources. The UN iLibrary provides new information as it becomes available, and they are sharing the latest reports and policy briefs. These publications bring together analysis from across the UN system and provide concrete ideas for how to address the consequences and even seize opportunities amid the crisis.

U.S. National Library of Medicine - NCBI

Search, retrieve, and analyze SARS-CoV-2 Genbank data:  
Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 data hub

Wellcome Trust

A number of publishers have become signatories to The Wellcome Trusts 2016 Statement on data sharing in public health emergencies, which seeks to ensure that the World Health Organization (WHO) has rapid access to emerging findings that could aid the global response.

  • All peer-reviewed research publications relevant to the outbreak are made immediately open access, or freely available at least for the duration of the outbreak
  • Research findings relevant to the outbreak are shared immediately with the WHO upon journal submission, by the journal and with author knowledge
  • Research findings are made available via preprint servers before journal publication, or via platforms that make papers openly accessible before peer review, with clear statements regarding the availability of underlying data
  • Researchers share interim and final research data relating to the outbreak, together with protocols and standards used to collect the data, as rapidly and widely as possible - including with public health and research communities and the WHO
  • Authors are clear that data or preprints shared ahead of submission will not pre-empt its publication in these journals


Free access to COVID-19 research resources: Wiley has made more than 5,000 COVID-19 related articles freely available in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. You can access the Wiley Online Library Training hub should you need any tips on the platform.  

Free, real-time feed of the latest research and news on COVID-19 from Scitrus, powered by Atypon's AI-driven personalized discovery application. In addition to the articles on this site related to the current outbreak, Wiley is also making a collection of journal articles and book chapters on coronavirus research freely available to the global scientific community.