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eBooks: FAQs & Assistance


Can more than one person read an eBook at the same time?

This varies according to the platform and the publisher, but generally multiple users can access a book at the same time. 

Can I download the eBook to my device?  How?

The Library has some platforms which allow downloading and reading offline of entire books. ProQuest Ebook Central eBooks can be downloaded.  See the "Help" link within each eBook display screen for detailed instructions.

Can I transfer a downloaded eBook to another computer or device?

Most eBooks are not transferable between devices, however some PDFs (usually book chapters) are able to be saved to a removable device such as a thumb drive.

How long can I download it for?

Refer to the Help screens within the database. Downloads for ProQuest Ebook Central titles can vary from 1 day to 21 days.

What happens if I go over time?  Do I get a fine?

No fines, but the book will no longer be able to be read on your device. To continue accessing the book past the expiry date, download the book again.

How much can I print?

eBooks are subject to the normal copyright restrictions which allow printing of up to one chapter of a book, or 10% of the number of pages of a book (although a very few publishers allow more, e.g. ProQuest Ebook Central allows 40%)

How do I reference an eBook?

See the Referencing Library Guide for details on how to reference eBooks and other materials.

What publication date do I use for referencing?

Always use the copyright/publishing date for that edition, which is usually on the back of the title page.Often an eBook version is published after the print version and is a copy rather than new edition. Unless the eBook is published at the same time as the print edition, the eBook publishing date is just the date the book was published online.