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Curiosity Studio at Mount Lawley: Home

Mount Lawley Library's creative learning space, the Curiosity Studio brings together students, researchers, and staff from diverse disciplines of study, to collaborate, explore, and experiment.

Expanding upon the traditional "Makerspace," the Studio focuses on providing the ECU community access to new and emerging technologies including 3D-printing, robotics, and virtual reality. Whilst the space does contain some elements of a traditional Makerspace or "Fab Lab," such as a badge maker, its main focus is to bring together people of different backgrounds to find innovative solutions to the unique challenges of disruptive technologies and modern life. As such, the Curiosity Studio will continue to expand and adapt as the technological landscape continues to change in the future.

The Studio helps students to engage with the University’s goal of encouraging enhanced, transformative learning experiences, and providing opportunities to improve learning outcomes and career readiness.

Please drop-in, book the space, and check out a piece of our technology.

We also run introductory workshop sessions each week, check out the Library Workshops page for the schedule.