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This guide outlines the main resources that support those students studying medical science.

Anatomy and Physiology texts now available online

Welcome to the Medical Sciences Subject Guide

 The aim of this guide is to provide a starting point for library research and an outline of the key resources available at ECU Library relevant to Medical Sciences. Significant new resources will be added on a regular basis and we welcome any feedback.

If there isn't a link for book titles, just copy and paste the title into the ECU Worldsearch box and follow the prompts to link to the eBook or check for print copies on the shelf. Similarly, with journal titles or video titles, just copy and paste the title into the ECU WorldSearch box. We're in the process of adding links to resources in the guide.

For any queries or if you need assistance, please Contact the Library. Email:

Lungenemphysem, Nieren, Skelett, Lungenbläschen (Alveolen), Herz. 
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ECU WorldSearch

ECU Worldsearch is a search engine that searches across the Library's books (print and online) and some online journal articles. This is a good place to start searching for information on your topic.

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