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HARC: Helpful Academic Researchers Companion

HARC has been designed to answer the questions researchers ask at every step of the research life cycle

Research Performance Analytics

Citation databases, such as Scopus and Web of Science, can be used to perform publication-based, citation-based and collaboration analyses.

Dedicated tools have also been developed that can be used to undertake more sophisticated research performance analyses based on this publication, citation and collaboration data. This includes SciVal and InCites, the former drawing upon data from Scopus and the latter from Web of Science.

  • article metrics provide insights into the “impact” or “reach” of an individual article
  • journal metrics measure the influence of individual journal titles
  • author metrics are citation metrics that measure the bibliometric impact of individual authors, researchers, academics, and scholars. e.g. the h-index
  • normalised metrics are citation metrics which have been adjusted to allow comparison across disciplines.