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Information resources and tools for workplace research and learning

Now that you have graduated...

In the workplace you will be working with information and will need to solve information problems. You will need to find, evaluate, organise and communicate information.

The following strategies can help you to successfully transition to working with information in the workplace:

  •  use your supervisor or mentor as an information source to build knowledge,
  •  seek out relationships with trusted coworkers,
  •  go online first, then ask a coworker for additional information,
  •  use networked knowledge and Internet sources to find experts.
Adapted from:
Wilson, G. (2014). 100% information literacy
success (3rd ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning

Information and research know-how in the workplace

Graduates do not have the same access rights to ECU subscription databases as ECU students.

This guide however, provides compilations of free generic and profession specific online tools and resources to assist in researching and learning in the workplace information environment.

Find out how to use social media effectively in your place of work via the Social media tab.

Use this guide to become smarter at searching Google and Google Scholar; be alerted to copyright issues in your work; and find out more about the benefits of signing up to be an Alumni Advantage member.

The SAFARI guide, produced by the Open University, provides extensive support in accessing, finding and reviewing information.


ECU Library acknowledges the permission of The Open University to use this copyright image of Safari.