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Counselling Skills: a practical guide for counsellors and helping professionals. (2nd ed.) [e-version]

This second edition is a step by step practical guide to counselling skills for trainees and practitioners. It presents key skills clearly and concisely.

Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling: A practical guide. (3rd ed.) [e-version]

The authors draw on their professional experience, empirical studies, and case examples to examine the ethical responsibilities that confront psychotherapists and counselors in their day–to–day practice. They offer insights into contending with the sometimes competing demands of clients′ needs, formal ethical principles, personal values, and evolving legal standards in a range of areas––including fees, informed consent, sexual concerns, confidentiality, documentation, and supervision.

Psychosocial Aspects of Disability. [e-version]

What are the differences between individuals with disabilities who flourish as opposed to those who never really adjust after a trauma? How are those born with a disability different from individuals who acquire one later in life? This is the first textbook about the psychosocial aspects of disability to provide students and practitioners of rehabilitation counseling with vivid insight into the experience of living with a disability. It features the first-person narratives of 16 people living with a variety of disabling conditions, which are integrated with sociological and societal perspectives toward disability, and strategies for counseling persons with disabilities. Using a minority model perspective to address disability, the book focuses on historical perspectives, cultural variants regarding disability, myths and misconceptions, the attitudes of special interest and occupational groups, the psychology of disability with a focus on positive psychology, and adjustments to disability by the individual and family. A wealth of counseling guidelines and useful strategies are geared specifically to individual disabilities.

Trauma Counseling: Theories and Interventions. [e-version]

"Trauma Counseling" is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary guide to the theory and treatment of survivors of a broad spectrum of traumatic events, including interpersonal violence, hate crimes, school violence, community violence, natural disasters, and war and terrorism. It is written by a Fulbright scholar who is internationally recognized for her work with traumatized populations in Rwanda, several southern African countries, Russia, and the United States. It also includes the contributions of researchers from the United States, Australia, Africa, and Europe. The book discusses evidence-based trauma assessment and intervention techniques and integrates the latest findings from neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. It focuses on issues of loss and grief, survivorship and disability, genocide, natural disasters, the impact of war on civilians and veterans, and the distinct effects of trauma in early childhood, childhood, and adolescence. Also addressed are ethical perspectives and methods of self-care for counselors who work with this population. The text will be of value to graduate counseling students and professional counselors as well as social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and other human service providers, who will be able to attend to trauma survivors with a depth of knowledge and confidence. The contents of "Trauma Counseling" not only fulfill but exceed the requirements of The Council of Accreditation and Counseling and Related Educational Program (CACREP) standards.

The Elements of Counseling Children and Adolescents. [e-version]

The book distills the basic concepts that beginning professionals must keep in mind as they approach practice, offering guidance in a logical, numbered sequence from setting the stage for the counseling process through the essentials of building and maintaining an active counseling practice. In addition to facilitating learning with its precise, easily understood rules and principles, the book provides potent guidance for both common and challenging situations. Key concepts such as using developmentally appropriate language and activities are covered, along with critical issues such as collaborating with parents and other professionals, responding to crisis situations, and counselor self-awareness and self-care. Case examples of clientncounselor dialogues in each chapter illustrate foundational concepts, and an overview of how to use the text for transcript analysis in training programs is also included. Written by experienced counseling and therapy educators and professionals, this versatile text will be a welcome addition for courses in counseling children and adolescents as well as other courses across the curriculum in school counseling; school psychology; marriage, child, and family counseling; and clinical social work.

The counseling practicum and internship manual: A resource for graduate counseling students. (2nd ed.) [e-version]

Introduction to the counseling profession and the practicum/internship -- Selecting and applying for a practicum/internship -- Ethical and legal issues -- Clinical issues in practicum/internship -- Clinical writing and documentation in counseling records -- Models of supervision -- Multicultural issues and considerations -- Managing stress during your practicum/internship -- Crisis intervention in practicum/internship -- Protecting yourself during practicum/internship -- Termination in counseling -- Completing the practicum/internship and preparing for the future as a professional counselor.

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