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Research Data Management

ANDS Monthly Tech Talk

July Tech Talk
Developing Australia's DEVLs: Data Enhanced Virtual Labs (1/2)

ANDS-Nectar-RDS have jointly funded 8 Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratories (DEVL). The DEVLs aim to provide data and software infrastructure to meet the needs of Australian research communities and to enhance research collaboration and outcomes.More at:

Representatives from each of the DEVLs will introduce their projects from a developers' perspective: the problem the project is trying to solve, the tech stacks deployed and to be developed, the approaches of their software development and community engagement while developing tools and applications.

DEVL #2 July 6th Topics:
GeoScience (Carsten Friedrich), Characterisation (Lance Wilson), BioScience (Jeff Christiansen), and Culture and Community (Sarah Nisbet, Alexis Tindall).

Friday July 6,  2018. 1pm - 2pm (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm AEST)
ECU Joondalup Library 31.447
Links to Registration will be posted soon.

DEVL #1 was held June (1st): Astronomy (Robert Shen), Marine Science (Roger Proctor), Terrestrial Ecology (Gerhard Weis), and Climate (Clare Richards).

More details of each DEVL are available at:

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About the Organisers

ANDS, NeCTAR, and RDS Nodes - QCIF, Intersect, NCI, TPAC, VICNode, eRSA and Pawsey have joined forces to organise a monthly Tech Talk virtual and face-to-face meeting. The Tech Talks are a monthly community gathering to showcase uses and discuss the technical side of Australia's research infrastructure.

Who should come along?

The general purpose of this virtual plus face-to-face meeting is twofold:

  1. Provide a national forum for developers working with research data and/or research data management to discuss topics of interest
  2. Enable a dialogue between developers and NCRIS facilities

This event is for anyone who wants to know more about tech aspects of data and NCRIS facilities:

  • developers
  • data scientists
  • researchers who are building data tools
  • data technologists
  • data librarians

Slides from some past Presentation are available here.