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Research Data Management: ECU Data Management Plan

ECU Data Management Plan Template

It is good research practice to complete such a data plan at the outset of your research project. The plan is a useful written record of all the likely issues that may arise in relation to your data. Completion of a research data management plan may be a requirement of your research funding body.

What Should Data Management Plans Consider?

Basic research data management is required by the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Compliance with the Code is already a requirement for ARC and NHMRC funding and is likely to be mandated by other funding bodies, government and research institutions in the near future.

  • The Research Data Itself:
    • what sort of data do you intend to collect and generated?
    • how will you collect & generate this data?
    • volume of data?
    • any software required?
    • confidentiality and privacy requirements (need to de-identify participants?)
    • quality control considerations?
  • Compliance with:
    • institutional policies and legislation requirements
    • funder's policies and legislation requirements 
    • standard industrial practices
  • Organising and documenting the data:
    • file formats and version control
    • naming protocols for file names
    • describing data collected (metadata) so it makes sense later on
      • what, where, why,who, how, etc.
    • who is responsible for collecting what data
    • quality control
  • The ownership, copyright, licensing & intellectual property of the data:
    • who does the data belong to (especially in collaborative projects)?
    • who will have access to the data?
    • intended use of data collected
      • personal use only
      • can the data be sold?
      • intend to share data with other researches through an Open Access Data Repository?
        • apply a Creative Commons license?
        • available after an embargo period
        • available by application (mediation)
        • data completely/partially available
  • Storage of data and admininstrative paperwork:
    • during collection - where will you store the data & the backup copies?
    • post-project storage of data - long term copy, for how long?
    • long term access to data and software to view data
    • ECU Records and Archives Management Services

Storage of your Research Data at ECU

For storage of Research Data while it it being collected, ECU staff should contact IT services while ECU higher degree students should place a request through their supervisor. Access to these files can be protected and limited.

ECU Records is able to provide archival storage of your Research Data.

  • Contact RAMS at project inception  (ECU Records Management Service (RAMS) to set up your research folders
    • Both ECU staff and higher degree research students are classed as "ECU Researchers". HD students may request their your supervisors can assist facilitate this
  • Each research project must have an ECU Research Data Management Plan (DPM) in place - the DPM can be sent to RAMS to initiate the data management process

    RAMS provides a file structure which can be used as a guide during your research project - this facilitates the easy transfer of all project files into RAMS post-project.

If you need assistance with the Data Management Plan or in setting up Research Project Folders in Records (TRIM), please contact ECU Records and Archives Management Service or Heather Boyd, eResearch Coordinator

If you are considering making your research data open access, make sure that this is considered in Ethics and in your Data Management Plan. Contact for more information.