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Research: Research Online

Library support for postgraduate students and researchers

What is Research Online?

Research Online is the official repository that highlights and promotes access to scholarship and research outputs created by staff and post graduate students at Edith Cowan University.

The aim of a repository is to preserve and provide open access to that research.

The benefits of placing the Open Access versions of your published work on Research Online:

  • Research Online is indexed by Google and Google Scholar - this dramatically increases the rates of findability
  • Research Online is an open educational resource - your research is freely available internationally & not only to people who have access to paid publications
  • wider access often leads to higher citation
  • refer requests for copies of your papers to Research Online
  • download statistics such as where and who are downloading your work
  • Altmetrics statistics - use the DOI of your articles when blogging or tweeting etc. about your research and social media tracking tools such as Altmetrics will keep track of the social media buzz

Research Online uses the Digital Commons software platform and can be found at

Latest additions to Research Online

Hiighlight the latest papers added into Research Online, ECU's institutional repository.