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Academic Skills: Visual Literacy

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Information and Visual Literacy: Visual Literacy
All key Learning Areas use visual images such as pictures, charts, diagrams, maps, graphs and web pages to provide information and support students' understanding. 'Reading' these types of visuals requires students to move beyond simple descriptions of images to being more critical of the ways in which the image is constructed and its intended purpose. In addition, the texts students encounter in school are becoming increasingly more multimodal; that is, they use print, visual images and sound in various combinations, thus demanding students use multiple decoding and analytical skills. (The AIS Literacy Website, n.d.,para. 2-3)


The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods is a brilliant collection of visualization methods for displaying, understanding and using information.  The periodic table is broken down into data visualization, information visualization, concept visualization, strategy visualization, metaphor visualization, and compound visualization.  Each “element” of the table includes information about the element such as if it is a process visualization or a structure visualization.  Each “element” also includes cues about what kind of thinking the visualization requires (divergent or convergent).  As you move your mouse over the table, an example of the “element” pops up... The Periodic Table of Visualization is an excellent way to help students (and teachers) understand and explore visual literacy ("A Periodic table of visualization methods. (Math arcade)" n.d..)



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Database: Primal Pictures Anatomy & Physiology Online