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Academic Skills: Critical Thinking

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Introduction to Critical Appraisal

One of the 5 Graduate Attributes: ECU graduates will be valued for their critical appraisal skills, exemplified by planning, organising, problem solving and decision making. Students will find that these skills are acquired throughout their studies. Some example tasks that include the need for critical appraisal are:

  • Writing assignments and research papers
  • Searching for evidence to support your ideas
  • Exploring ideas to gain better understanding of a topic
  • Evaluating resources
  • Organising and working in a group

Critical Literacy

"Critical literacy is the ability to read texts in an active, reflective manner in order to better understand power, inequality, and injustice in human relationships (Coffey, 2008, para.1)."


Coffey, Heather. (2008) Critical Literacy. Accessed 7th May 2012 from Creative Commoms License.


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